May 30 2010

Summer Sandals Gone Sexy

Summer has officially arrived! And with the warm weather comes sexy summer sandals full of fun and wimsy! Maybe no shoe can replace the best summer tradition of them all…..walking barefoot in lush green grass, but showing up to a summer party in a pair of hot sexy sandals comes close! Here are a couple […]

Oct 4 2009

Black Leather Ankle Boots at Victoria’s Secret

Searching for sweet classy black boots for Fall that won’t break your budget yet will keep you stylish through Winter? These Colin Stuart black ankle boots at Victoria’s Secret are a perfect choice. Soft imported leather, 4 inch cone heel, and pretty yet simple bow detail on back make these boots a fantastic Fall/Winter shoe […]

Aug 23 2008

Victoria’s Secret…Cute Booties For Fall!

Fall is just about here…my favorite season of all! And Victoria’s Secret is celebrating the season with their yummy boot collection. I could easily spend every penny I have on boots…. I could but I won’t. Girl’s gotta eat, you know. But take a look at what Victoria is offering. Cute booties, Uggs, and some […]



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