Sep 30 2013

Pink Ribbon Uggs Support Breast Cancer Awareness

In keeping with Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Ugg Australia is helping bring awareness to the fight against breast cancer with their annual Pink Ribbon shoe Collection. The company has already donated more than $40,000 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in 2013 alone. This year, along with the pink shoes in the [...]

Nov 5 2012

Are Uggs Boots in Trouble?

So while browsing shoe news this morning, I came across an article that questioned whether or not Ugg boots have run their course. Eek. No more Uggs? I do not think so. But in all fairness, the love for everything Ugg has seemed to simmer down a bit. Do you agree? And the author of [...]

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Jan 26 2009

Big Winter Boot Sale at Shoes.Com

I love boots. They are by far my most favorite type of shoe to wear. Versatile with jeans and skirts, sexy and warm, what could be better than a new pair? A new pair on sale! has a great sale on boots going on now–some are at 60% off, and most are at 50% [...]



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