May 21 2010

How Much To Spend For Prom Shoes?

A reader recently commented on how expensive it can be to buy prom shoes for his daughter, pointing out that she will have two proms at least to attend while in high school. It made me start thinking about parents and teens and all that spending that goes along with this age (all ages really, but something with teen girls as I am now finding out just sends shopping budgets spiraling!). How much do you as a parent of a teen spend each month on shoes, clothing, and special occasions like prom?

Will/do you go all out and buy whatever he/she wants no matter the price? Or do you try and be practical and buy what is affordable, even if your teen prefers something else more pricey??

And for you parents of prom-going teens that are in search of some budget friendly shoes, here are some possibilities I have found — pretty, and while maybe not meant for longevity and durability, they will fit the bill for Prom night, so to speak! At under 40.00, I would say that these are prom shoes or any special occasion shoes that will fit a budget and be fun as well! Check out these shoes, and more, here.

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    May 21st, 2010 at 7:18 pm
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