Dec 17 2006

Super High Heels

I find heels to be beautiful and sexy, however not all heels are made the same and not all of us are lucky enough to be blessed with balance. It also seems that every year the heels are getting higher. However most women know that anything about 4″ can’t be worn in public. You seem to get a bad rap if you walk down the street in 6″ heels. If you can’t wear them, well enjoy looking at them. Here are a few 6″ and above.

$79.99 $68.99
Women’s Candy-09, 6 1/2″ Chunky Heel Platform Sandal
CoverGirl-620 6″ Stiletto Heel Strap Platform Sandals
$99.99 $52.99
Women’s Centerstage-709-4 T Girl, 6 3/4” Sandal On 2 3/4” Platform
Women’s Centerstage-708Pd 6 3/4″ Pokadot Platform Sandals
Women’s Tc-809, 8″ Ankle Strap Platform Sandal With ” Tc” Feature
Women’s Tease-630, 6” Square Heel Ankle Wrap Platform Sandal
Women’s Kiss-249, 6″ Spike Heel Platform Sandal
Women’s Xtreme-709, 8″ Spike Heel Platform Sandals


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